Somehow that word seems to aptly describe these past couple of weeks. I guess I had forgotten how draining Grad School can be. Plus I have found out that between now and Spring break I am going to have to go back up to D.C. not once, but twice. That would be cool with me if the professor would allow myself and the other research professor that has to go, to get the $168 round trip tickets through Independence Air. Total travel time is about 3 hours. Instead he wants us to drive our lab’s van. (Total travel time of about 16 hours).

It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Last time we went, we had to spend $143 on Gas alone. Then when you translate the travel time to Man hours and salary, it comes out being about $600 more for us to travel by vehicle than by plane. That just doesn’t make sense to me… Rest assured though, your Tennessee tax dollars is not what is being wasted. We are funded by outside sponsors such as the federal government and private corporations.

Of all the driving that I have done, Virginia is my least favorite state so far. They have hills in the medians that are good disguises for their unmarked patrol cars. Their cops are in a variety of vehicles. About the only way you can tell them apart from a regular car is that they have CB antennas and don’t usually have bumper stickers. Of course, I’ve got to mention that radar detectors are illegal in Virginia. Also the speed limit is just 65 mph. All of these factors make it a very miserable experience to drive through Virginia.