Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart, the more you eat’em the more ya… 1

Yeah you know how it goes, no need to finish it. Anyways, as promised I will continue the humble description of the service activities of Wednesday night. The group I was with went to Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee. As soon as we got there we were put to work. No tour as Todd had promised. They really didn’t describe what they do either. It’s alright with me though. I’ve worked with Second Harvest several times in the past. I’ve done the Tim Kerin Food Drive every year since ’97 (yeah, it did actually used to be a food drive) and CANstruction a couple of times. This was probably my fourth time to the warehouse. For those that went for the first time, they didn’t get to hear stuff like all the baked goods that Panera Bread makes but doesn’t sell at the end of the day, gets donated to Second Harvest. Last night we sorted through some 1.4 tons of donated food and sorted them into boxes according to different classifications. One box might have soups, while another box has fruits, yet another box had corn, carrots, mixed vegeatables, etc.

OK, so your probably wondering what’s so significant about the title. Well Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee gets more beans donated than any other product. Some places will get more soups, while other places get more crackers. Recently Second Harvest has started an exchange program with other food banks that don’t get as many beans as they do.