The Joy of Blisters

Ok, so last night began the first in a series of service projects that will be done instead of Wednesday night class. One group went to a runaway shelter for teens (ask Mer about the experience in Seattle with a runaway shelter for teens) and another group went to the Angelic Ministries International warehouse. I was part of the group that went to the warehouse. This place was huge. We toured the facilities and learned a little bit about what they do.

When it came time to get to work, there were two tasks they wanted help with. The first task was sorting clothes. The second task was assembling theater seats and securing them to two 1×6 boards. Todd, Leslee, Lora, Jesse Dalton, Zach, and Charlie did the first task. David, Adam B, James, and I did the second task. The second task was way harder than it had to be. When was the last time you actually drove wood screws through a 1×6 using nothing but a screwdriver? For this very reason, drills and electric screwdrivers were created. I have blisters on my hands from actually doing this. To make matters worse, only two of the screwdrivers were even remotely suitable for this kind of task. The other two screwdrivers were just too small.

After doing about 28 screws and seeing that James was only on his 4th, I let him use my screwdriver so he could be a little more productive. At this point I went upstairs to see how the first group was doing. They were coming along well, but there was this one bag Charlie, Jesse, and Zach just refused to touch. What a bunch of wimps. The bag mostly contained panties, bras, and swimsuits. All you had to do was sort them into children’s, ladies small-medium, and ladies large. After completing the task nobody else wanted to do, I went back downstairs to the seats. They had just started the fourth set of chairs. It was at this point I really started to notice the blisters that were forming on my hands.

As we were leaving, Todd told the lady that he felt like we didn’t do much… Obviously Todd wasn’t part of the downstairs crew.