Monthly Archives: December 2004

Ok, this was a forward I received, so instead of forwarding it to ya’ll, I figured why not put it on the blog. Though most of ya’ll know, I fall into the September 7th category. Find your birthday and then find your tree. This is really cool and somewhat accurate. […]

What Tree Did You Fall From?

Today was a wonderful day for a hike. I had thought about bringing crampons, but decided against it… It turns out I should have brought them. Michele and I set out for the Smokey Mountains looking for snow. We didn’t really have a trail in mind, so we just headed […]

I Knew I Should Have Brought the Crampons

The following account is from one of the four people crazy enough to go camping…. Friday, December 10th – This was the day. Bryan, Meredith, and I were taking Robert backpacking because he really wanted to do this for his birthday. For those of you that don’t know, Bryan and […]


If I had to pick one word to sum of each day of this past weekend starting with Friday, those would be the words. It all started out at the Christmas party. Many people had heard that they didn’t want to get my gift but most people didn’t know why […]

Injections, Drills, and 2×4’s

You heard it here first. In an effort to save some money before the wedding, Dan will be moving in with his parents. This will free up the small room in our house. We are looking for someone to start renting in January. The rent is $230 + 1/4th of […]

Looking for a new roommate