Wanna go Camping?

Everybody who reads this blog somewhat regularly really ought to go. It’ll be fun. Robert (Bryan and Mer’s agape kid) really wants to go backpacking for his birthday. Bryan has picked out a spot near the Cataloochee area. We’ll hike 1.5 miles in on Friday night, setup camp, and then hike down Caldwell fork the next day.

But J-Cuff, I’ve never gone camping before in my life! Well there’s a first time for everything. You can check out equipment through RecSports if you don’t have any equipment. Let us know if you want to go. You’ll not only be camping with some of the coolest people in the world, you’ll also get to see some Elk.

Hey J-Cuff, we’re supposed to be out of our Residence Halls 24 hours after our last exam! Seriously, do they know when your last exam is? And you can always say that your staying for Graduation. I don’t know when the Residence Halls close, but if its before this trip, I’m sure you can stay with someone in Knoxville for that day or so.

But I’ve still got studying to do cause I don’t get out until like December 19th! Well its your call. It’ll be fun, but studying is still somewhat important.

More details will come later.