Mothers with Single Daughters

Ok, I had several ideas of things I was gonna blog about since I’ll have more time to do such things being at the Poorfarm. This, however, was not one of them. This is something that came up as I was fixing to leave the Cedar Lane Church this afternoon.

So this lady comes to the UT booth with her youngest daughter and her daughter’s boyfried. They are both seniors in high school. The daughter was pretty dead set in going to Lipscomb, but the boyfriend was interested in going to UT. While talking, it came up that I graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. She said her daughter graduated from UT with a degree in Electrical Engineering also. At this point I immediately knew I was talking to M’s mother. To verify I asked Mrs. M. if her last name was M. She said yes, and I said you must be M’s mother and she said yes.

So here’s the story on the oldest daughter M. She grew up Church of Christ and had never missed much church (according to her mom). Well when she came to UT, she didn’t go to church much and didn’t do anything with the CSC. I could tell that M. was a Christian but I never knew she was Church of Christ. She was a friend of mine, but not someone I talked to all the time. She never really hanged out with anybody else in the class cause she had a boyfriend and they were always together. They were dating before they came up to UT and dating when we graduated in 2001, so I guess I had assumed that they were married by now. Well now M. is at the University of Washington, but isn’t going to church.

So the mom starts asking about CSC stuff and then she goes into questioning what I am currently doing. Then she proceeds to tell me what M. is currently doing. Its always good to hear how some old friends are doing, but I could already tell where this was going. Then the question “Are you married?” gets asked. Of course now that I’m back in the Southern Middle Tennessee area, the fact that yes I am still not married is going to come up at least a hundred bazillion times. Apparently I’m a guy that ranks very high on the “MP” scale. (I didn’t know such a scale existed until my Junior year in College). I was already expecting a few people to ask me about it. I just didn’t expect for this to come up in the big city of Tullahoma, TN doing a College Days that is targetted towards high school students.

Now there are two types of mothers that ask this question. One type will beat around the bush before asking such a question. The second type, grabs your arm to see if your wearing a ring on a special finger that we have set aside for engagement rings and wedding bands while asking this question. M.’s mom qualifies into a third category… one that beats around the bush but then grabs your arm while asking such a question.

Well this is starting to get long (but not quite as long as Mer’s recent 2000+ word paper) and I’m now wondering where I was going with this post. I think it maybe had something to do with warning your mother’s not to flat out ask that question. But that may not have been the point. Maybe it was to see if ya’ll have had this experience. Maybe the point had something to do with the need to be more connected with our peers. We may have the brother or sisters in our mist just looking to make some kind of connection. Although I’m not married, I have still been blessed to get to know several wonderful women and girls that are at the CSC and not so far away. Well its getting late and I’ve got to get up super early because it takes a while to get to church tomorrow morning. Probably more to come soon.