Your Face!

What a wonderful cut down that has started to be used at the CSC. Its sort of used the same way that “Your Momma” is used, but its “Your Face”. Now when your really wanting to cut someone down, you combine it with “Your Momma” to yield “Your Momma’s Face”.

Some examples on usage…

Alicia: What’s that smell?
Jason: Your Face
Alicia: Your momma’s face better shut up!

See folks, its that simple. I would have never learned this had it not been for Alicia and Jason in my car when we went to Palancho’s after worship at the CSC last night. All they could do is cut each other down by using the expressions “Your Face” and “Your Momma’s Face”. So when ever you feel like someone is cutting you down, simply respond with a “Your Face” comment. If they come back, but don’t use the “Your Momma’s Face” cutdown, feel free to use that. Unfortunately, the “Your Grandma’s Face” is not an acceptable comeback. So once somebody has done a “Your Momma’s Face” on you, your going to have to start a new round of “Your Face” comments.