I’m So Full

Cookout at the Neal's
Well its that time of year again, the annual cookout at the Neal’s. It is today at 5:30. If you’ve never been, this is what you have to look forward to. You will be consuming massive amounts of chicken and many other kinds of meat. Oh yeah, the deserts there are also abundant and most delicious. Today is not the day to worry about your weight.

The way one usually prepares for this cookout, is by fasting. The university even sponsored a fast that ended yesterday. It had something to do with Ramadan and not the Neal’s cookout. Unfortunately every attempt of not eating has been foiled by one thing or another. Let me explain at little more.

It started last night. A few of us went over to the home of Tom and Betty Hill to have dinner with them. They were supposed to have us over to their house when several of the Laurel members had students over to their houses’ back in September. The Hill’s were out of town that day, so those of us that had been scheduled to eat over at the Hill’s were left to fend for ourselves that night. They kept saying they were going to make it up to us by having us over to their house sometime. That sometime just happened to be last night. The food was absolutely great and I left the house REALLY full.

Ok, so now I’m thinking I’ll just not eat anything on Friday for breakfast or lunch. Today just happens to be Vicki’s last day here, so several of us staff members and some professors are taking her out to lunch. Its hard to believe, but I started working with Vicki back in 1998. I realize some of you reading my blog weren’t even teenagers then. What’s really sad is, I was no longer a teenager that year. Anyways, I can’t just not eat with them nor can I just order nothing.

I’m still looking forward to tonight, but have faced the realization that I will only be eating 1 chicken tonight.