Wanna go Camping?

Everybody who reads this blog somewhat regularly really ought to go. It’ll be fun. Robert (Bryan and Mer’s agape kid) really wants to go backpacking for his birthday. Bryan has picked out a spot near the Cataloochee area. We’ll hike 1.5 miles in on Friday night, setup camp, and then hike down Caldwell fork the next day.

But J-Cuff, I’ve never gone camping before in my life! Well there’s a first time for everything. You can check out equipment through RecSports if you don’t have any equipment. Let us know if you want to go. You’ll not only be camping with some of the coolest people in the world, you’ll also get to see some Elk.

Hey J-Cuff, we’re supposed to be out of our Residence Halls 24 hours after our last exam! Seriously, do they know when your last exam is? And you can always say that your staying for Graduation. I don’t know when the Residence Halls close, but if its before this trip, I’m sure you can stay with someone in Knoxville for that day or so.

But I’ve still got studying to do cause I don’t get out until like December 19th! Well its your call. It’ll be fun, but studying is still somewhat important.

More details will come later.

Just following the Trends

Since most of ya’ll are going to be busy studying it would seem pointless to update for the next couple of weeks. However, for those of ya’ll that are keeping up with your points, I’ll give you a few chances to score more. Each quote will be worth 5 points unless I say its worth more. These will be from Television, Movies, or Music. These four all have a common theme. Its not really challenging to figure it out, so only +5 for telling what it is.

1) “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room.”
2) “The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.”
3) “It had been a wonderful evening and what I needed now, to give it the perfect ending, was a little of the Ludwig Von.”
4) “It can only be attributable to human error.”

Mothers with Single Daughters

Ok, I had several ideas of things I was gonna blog about since I’ll have more time to do such things being at the Poorfarm. This, however, was not one of them. This is something that came up as I was fixing to leave the Cedar Lane Church this afternoon.

So this lady comes to the UT booth with her youngest daughter and her daughter’s boyfried. They are both seniors in high school. The daughter was pretty dead set in going to Lipscomb, but the boyfriend was interested in going to UT. While talking, it came up that I graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. She said her daughter graduated from UT with a degree in Electrical Engineering also. At this point I immediately knew I was talking to M’s mother. To verify I asked Mrs. M. if her last name was M. She said yes, and I said you must be M’s mother and she said yes.

So here’s the story on the oldest daughter M. She grew up Church of Christ and had never missed much church (according to her mom). Well when she came to UT, she didn’t go to church much and didn’t do anything with the CSC. I could tell that M. was a Christian but I never knew she was Church of Christ. She was a friend of mine, but not someone I talked to all the time. She never really hanged out with anybody else in the class cause she had a boyfriend and they were always together. They were dating before they came up to UT and dating when we graduated in 2001, so I guess I had assumed that they were married by now. Well now M. is at the University of Washington, but isn’t going to church.

So the mom starts asking about CSC stuff and then she goes into questioning what I am currently doing. Then she proceeds to tell me what M. is currently doing. Its always good to hear how some old friends are doing, but I could already tell where this was going. Then the question “Are you married?” gets asked. Of course now that I’m back in the Southern Middle Tennessee area, the fact that yes I am still not married is going to come up at least a hundred bazillion times. Apparently I’m a guy that ranks very high on the “MP” scale. (I didn’t know such a scale existed until my Junior year in College). I was already expecting a few people to ask me about it. I just didn’t expect for this to come up in the big city of Tullahoma, TN doing a College Days that is targetted towards high school students.

Now there are two types of mothers that ask this question. One type will beat around the bush before asking such a question. The second type, grabs your arm to see if your wearing a ring on a special finger that we have set aside for engagement rings and wedding bands while asking this question. M.’s mom qualifies into a third category… one that beats around the bush but then grabs your arm while asking such a question.

Well this is starting to get long (but not quite as long as Mer’s recent 2000+ word paper) and I’m now wondering where I was going with this post. I think it maybe had something to do with warning your mother’s not to flat out ask that question. But that may not have been the point. Maybe it was to see if ya’ll have had this experience. Maybe the point had something to do with the need to be more connected with our peers. We may have the brother or sisters in our mist just looking to make some kind of connection. Although I’m not married, I have still been blessed to get to know several wonderful women and girls that are at the CSC and not so far away. Well its getting late and I’ve got to get up super early because it takes a while to get to church tomorrow morning. Probably more to come soon.

Give Blood! Let’s Beat the Wildcats!

Give Blood!
The 17th Annual UT vs. Kentucky Blood Donation Battle will be November 15 – 19. There will be a kick-off party at Presidential Court on November 15th beginning at 3:30. Donation sights will be in the U.C. and various resident halls throughout the week as well. Students and Faculty have the opportunity to help a great cause by taking a small amount of time and donating blood as well as helping the University of Tennessee beat the Kentucky Wildcats in this blood battle.

Make sure you show your Volunteer Spirit and donate blood!!!!

Your Face!

What a wonderful cut down that has started to be used at the CSC. Its sort of used the same way that “Your Momma” is used, but its “Your Face”. Now when your really wanting to cut someone down, you combine it with “Your Momma” to yield “Your Momma’s Face”.

Some examples on usage…

Alicia: What’s that smell?
Jason: Your Face
Alicia: Your momma’s face better shut up!

See folks, its that simple. I would have never learned this had it not been for Alicia and Jason in my car when we went to Palancho’s after worship at the CSC last night. All they could do is cut each other down by using the expressions “Your Face” and “Your Momma’s Face”. So when ever you feel like someone is cutting you down, simply respond with a “Your Face” comment. If they come back, but don’t use the “Your Momma’s Face” cutdown, feel free to use that. Unfortunately, the “Your Grandma’s Face” is not an acceptable comeback. So once somebody has done a “Your Momma’s Face” on you, your going to have to start a new round of “Your Face” comments.

It’s Time for Another Funny Post

I removed that picture, cause it was starting to freak me out. Ok, its definitely time for me to post something funny (or scary) on my blog again. I got bored this evening and decided to give my image processing skills a test. Oh, the picture links to a Flash file. You need to have Macromedia Flash to view it. Its 6.5 MB so those of you on dial-up may want to wait until you get to campus to view it. I guess this picture would be the result of “If They Mated”. I call it “Beast to Beauty and Back Again”.

I’m So Full

Cookout at the Neal's
Well its that time of year again, the annual cookout at the Neal’s. It is today at 5:30. If you’ve never been, this is what you have to look forward to. You will be consuming massive amounts of chicken and many other kinds of meat. Oh yeah, the deserts there are also abundant and most delicious. Today is not the day to worry about your weight.

The way one usually prepares for this cookout, is by fasting. The university even sponsored a fast that ended yesterday. It had something to do with Ramadan and not the Neal’s cookout. Unfortunately every attempt of not eating has been foiled by one thing or another. Let me explain at little more.

It started last night. A few of us went over to the home of Tom and Betty Hill to have dinner with them. They were supposed to have us over to their house when several of the Laurel members had students over to their houses’ back in September. The Hill’s were out of town that day, so those of us that had been scheduled to eat over at the Hill’s were left to fend for ourselves that night. They kept saying they were going to make it up to us by having us over to their house sometime. That sometime just happened to be last night. The food was absolutely great and I left the house REALLY full.

Ok, so now I’m thinking I’ll just not eat anything on Friday for breakfast or lunch. Today just happens to be Vicki’s last day here, so several of us staff members and some professors are taking her out to lunch. Its hard to believe, but I started working with Vicki back in 1998. I realize some of you reading my blog weren’t even teenagers then. What’s really sad is, I was no longer a teenager that year. Anyways, I can’t just not eat with them nor can I just order nothing.

I’m still looking forward to tonight, but have faced the realization that I will only be eating 1 chicken tonight.