Let’s Start Talking: SuperSTAR Weekend

2004 SuperSTAR Weekend
Well this weekend Mike Buckley, Amy Gregg, Kelly Milam, Meredith Martin and I went to the Let’s Start Talking SuperSTAR weekend in Fort Worth, Texas. This is a weekend for trainers and recruiters to come in and get ideas and materials for training and recruiting for this summers mission trips. Mike, Kelly, and Amy have been to Ukraine with LST and Meredith and I have been to Brazil with LST. This year we have committed to getting 5 teams together to send out. Let me know if your interested.

Friday night started out with a basic introduction to Let’s Start Talking. I missed some of it due to feeling ill from dinner. If you don’t know the LST method, you’ll hear it from all of us in the coming weeks, because chances are, we’re gonna ask you to consider going. There’s not going to be a way you can avoid us, so please, DON”T EVEN TRY! Saturday was really good. Again it started out slow, but got better later on. (Miss. St. beat Florida and UT beat Bama) GO VOLS! Ok, that’s not the only reason why things got better. At the end of the day, our group closed down the house because we already made the target list of people we’re gonna “hunt” down.

Let us know if you would like to go.