Big Shoes to Fill

Little River
Today was a wonderful day to go hiking. The weather was a little chilly but it was still a wonderful day to get out in God’s nature. The leaves are starting to change colors, but aren’t quite at their peak.

The trail we took this week was Little River up to Campsite #24. Originally we had planned on going another 1.7 miles to Campsite #30 and then turn around, but one of the Agape kids had boots there were a couple of sizes too large, so it was starting to iritate him. As a group we decided it was better to turn around rather than add an extra 3.4 miles to the hike.

On the way back, instead of taking Little River, we decided a little variety was good, so we took Cucumber Gap back. At the trailhead for Cucumber Gap we saw some deer. To me, a deer is a deer but this is a site an inner city kid probably doesn’t get to see, so we stopped for a while just to look. On this trail, his boots must not have been bothering him, cause he was moving. Afterwards we finished with a cookout.

When we arrived, we decided we would go get a campsite. Brian and Robert had gone ahead to look for sites while I was moving my car. We hadn’t really communicated well, so both of us ended up getting a site and paying for it. It turns out mine was a lot closer to where we would be getting off the trail, so Brian went back to see if he could get his money back. Luckily, after having to wait a while, they did. For dinner we started out with the basic bacon and cheddar bratwurst while waiting for the chicken to cook. We had corn and sweet potatoes as well. Yummy!

I think we should have done this hike last week. It was a super easy hike. The ground was mostly flat, the streams had bridges, and the distance could have been cut really short. If we had done this hike last week, we probably still would have been Team E and Team C. Team E would have been super effecient, needing only to take breaks so that the compassionate team could be heard encouraging each other. Once Team E would know that Team C is close, Team E would blaze right ahead.