Just a Walk in the Park…

Well we actually intended to go hiking. The trial was Cooper Creek Road -> Little Bottoms Trial -> Hatcher Mountain -> Hannah Mountain -> Little Rabbit Creek. Grand total is around 8 miles. Total time it took: ~ 8 hours. This was also one of the easiest trails we have done.

The group included one new hiker, so we were expecting to go slower than normal, but I don’t think any of us had planned on this. The hike was chosen to be easy to encourage some new people to go hiking. Perhaps we should have chosen shorter. The nice thing about this hike is the uphill portions are really not bad and the worst is experienced right near the very beginning. During the flat and downhill portions, some of us would end up getting ahead. This turned to be fatal.

Once the group was split up, the people at the front would keep hiking while the people in the rear would stop for a break. We’d always stop to let the rear group get close, but that didn’t always work. At some points some of us would hike almost a quarter of a mile back, just to see that they were ok. In the end, it was starting to get dark because the sun was going down. Some of us hoped to motivate people by talking about the nocturnal nature of various animals; I don’t thinked it worked.

After the hike we went to the campsites at Look Rock to fix dinner. It wasn’t looking like this trip was going to be a successful / fun trip because not everyone had a postive attitude. In the end though, I think it turned out alright. Though I don’t think we’ll have this inexperienced hiker gaining any more experience with us in the upcoming hikes.