Fixed Cell Phone

Well this documents how I fixed my Motorola T730. As some may know, last week my cell phone screen broke. A nice crack had developed and I could no longer see the bottom half of my screen. Verizon would charge a lot to replace it but it needed to be fixed. I turned to good ole eBay to see what I could find. Most of the phones were going for over a hundred dollars, but I lucked out in getting one for about $75. Well it came in today. I tried just replacing the screen since the one off of eBay’s keypad doesn’t work as well as mine did. Turns out the screen is attached to the keypad, so I was a little afraid of removing the screen. By accident I was able remove the keypad from the circuit board that holds the rest of the phone (i.e. the ESN, phonebook data, etc). So I just swapped the two ESN boards and now I don’t have to pay Verizon $15 to activate the new phone. That makes me happy.