Homecoming @ UT

Well today was about the deadest I have ever seen on a game day. I spent went over to the CSC a bit early today to check that Comcast hooked up the High Definition unit properly and to hook up the surround sound system. Well when I got there, I wasn’t getting any signal on the component inputs on the television. Did they even try? I set it up as it should be, so now the CSC is ready to watch some things in High Definition.

The surround sound system, leaves much to be desired. I guess its more than what most people are used to, but not myself. I was dissappointed in it mainly because it doesn’t have any digital inputs (i.e. can’t get Dolby Digital from the Digital Cable box). Since the unit is integrated with a DVD/VCR, it will probably work for DVD, which is really kind of the main reason for surround sound. At least the systeam was really cheap.

I did mention that it was Football time in Tennessee. Up until kickoff you wouldn’t have noticed it though. Traffic was dead coming to campus. We even had a cookout, but not really many people showed up for that either. The one thing there was a lot of was fruitflys. There has been a fruitfly infestation at the CSC, no food is safe anymore at the CSC. That afternoon, we watched a few of the games in High Def. The people were impressed.

I had a ticket to the game, but decided to stay at the CSC since we had ordered the game on Pay-Per-View. They had all sorts of technically difficulties at the beginning of the game. For the first 8 minutes of the game, we had picture but no sound. Then for the remaining time in the first quarter we had no picture and no sound. During the second quarter we started to get a little bit of static and an occasional picture. Finally around 4 minutes in we were getting it as we should. Cocmast should refund a little bit of money to all the people that order it on PPV since they would have missed about a fourth of the game.