First Post!

Well this is just a test to see if I have this setup properly. You can expect this to be like most of the blogs out there on the Internet, it probably won’t get updated that often. However, do check out my Picture Gallery, it does!

Well, if you know me, you know that I really like to take pictures. Well a while back I preordered a Canon 20D. After using the Digital Rebel at work, I really liked what was possible with a digital SLR. I knew my skills and what I like to shoot requires a better camera than the Digital Rebel, so I had been saving up for the Canon 10D. Well about the time when I had the money to spend, Canon announced the 20D. It had all the features I was looking for, plus it is amazingly fast. I ordered through Adorama. It seems they were the last of the big internet camera stores to ship out, but today it finally has arrived. I had been checking the 20D forum over at and saw that a lot of people were having problems with the camera locking up. Of course, I just got mine like an hour ago, so I haven’t had any lookup problems. I have had problems with images not showing up. They take up space on the card, but neither the camera or my computer sees them. This is something that is very odd and I’ll have to look more into. I think its most likely because my card reader (at work) sucks and is corrupting the file system. It only seems to happen when the card was erased in that reader.